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Jenkintown Judo Classes

We invite the people of Jenkintown to come down to Golden Fist Martial Arts of Philadelphia NE and see why Judo is one of the most popular martial art forms. One of the few martial arts to become an Olympic level sport, Judo is a combination of throws and grapples designed to take on opponents bigger than oneself.

What is the History of Judo?

Judo was created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. Born during a time when the practice of martial arts was out of fashion, it took Jigoro many years before he found a teacher of Jujutsu that would take him as a pupil. This was due to many martial artists being forced to find work in other fields due to a lack of public interest and pro-westernization sentiments in Japan at the time.

Even when he finally found an instructor, his dream of becoming a high ranking martial artist did not come easy. Three years after being accepted the instructor passed away and Jigoro was forced to search for a new teacher, which he did. The success was short lived as the new teacher died the same year that Jigoro joined.

Never losing determination, Jigoro found a third teacher and eventually opened his own school in 1882.

Why study Judo?

Judo was created to use an opponent’s strength and size against them. Focused on throws rather than striking, Judo relies on skill rather than strength, making it a viable option for anyone, regardless of physical stature.

Judo emphasizes free practice with a partner, known as Randori, as part of the basic curriculum. This is important for real life situations, as you become used to utilizing the techniques you learn on real people, not just invisible opponents like many other martial arts. Besides these important points, Judo also enhances a practitioner’s balance, coordination, ruggedness and kinesthetic awareness.

If you live in the greater Jenkintown area and are interested in learning this exceptional martial art, then contact Golden Fist Martial Arts of Philadelphia NE today!